Application of ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel in the grinding of hard alloy

2015/9/3 13:49:56

Application of ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel in the grinding of hard alloy

The ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel has the advantages of high strength, good heat resistance, high cutting edge, high grinding efficiency, low thermal expansion, easy control of machining precision, low grinding efficiency, poor shape retention, and easy modification of the grinding process.

Hard alloy has a series of excellent properties, such as high hardness, wear resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., in particular its high hardness and wear resistance. With the development of science and technology, hard alloy as the cutting tool material, instead of the traditional high-speed steel, is widely used such as turning, milling, planing and other, scholars put forward the "on behalf of the cutting grinding" concept, which the hard alloy on the machined surface quality of the proposed higher requirements.

At present, for the grinding of hard alloy cutting tools, most manufacturers choose the resin diamond grinding wheel, although we can get the results we want, but the grinding efficiency is very low. For the resin diamond, the general use of 100-120 mesh size for rough machining, and for the ceramic diamond grinding wheel, we generally use 120-150 purpose grain size, even higher metal removal rate, still can get better surface finish. The ceramic bond is stronger than that of the resin bonded diamond, and has a larger porosity, each of which is equivalent to a single point cutting tool. For the same grinding margin, the grinding efficiency of ceramic diamond grinding wheel is more than that of the resin bonded diamond grinding wheel, and the service life of the diamond grinding wheel is 2-3 times of the resin bonded diamond grinding wheel.

For the wide application of carbide cutting tools, the continuous increase in the type, the continuous improvement of quality, which requires the surface processing quality of hard alloy to get better, and the ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel, which has a good shape, has solved this problem. The development of this technology and the promotion of the comprehensive cost and effectiveness of the tool manufacturers have a qualitative change.