Techniques and methods for the use of diamond pen

2015/9/3 13:49:21

Techniques and methods for the use of diamond pen (diamond tools)

1, the diamond pen is fixed on a clamping device, the diamond pen end and vertical chain wheel radial, axial and radial grinding wheel into 15 pen. The angle is the best and the dressing is carried out.

2, the diamond pen does not need to be sharpened, you can use. After the surface of a layer of diamond is used up, it will continue to be used until another layer of diamond is exposed.

The amount of feed 3, dressing is generally 0.02 0.04mm per stroke, vertical cutting speed should be uniform (the best use of automatic knife). General cutting speed is 100 500mm/min, when the cutting speed is lower than the finishing finishing cutting speed. Working schedule 2 - 4 times, air travel 1 - 2 times.

4, dressing the grinding wheel should be added to the cooling liquid, it is forbidden to heat the cold.