Status quo of domestic diamond tools

2015/9/3 13:48:21

Present situation of domestic diamond tools

With the development of the world economy, people's living standards improve, natural stone (granite, marble, jade, artificial stone high (micro ceramic, glass and cement products, has been widely used in the decoration of the house, building, application in the production of various kinds of decorations, application in life activities and road and bridge construction. The processing of these materials requires a variety of different diamond tools. (Jiangyin City Crystal Diamond Abrasives factory, diamond tools, diamond grinding wheel, diamond saw blade)

Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the production of diamond tools, high quality, high prices. Their products have almost occupied most of the high-end stone processing market.

Nearly 10 years, China's production of diamond tools business development is very fast. From the number of enterprises, the production of diamond tools for nearly a thousand enterprises, the annual sales income of more than ten billion. Danyang City, Shijiazhuang Province, city, Hebei Province, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, Jiangsu City, Quanzhou Province, Fujian City, Guangdong Province, Yunfu City, Shandong Province, province, province, there are nearly 100 diamond tool manufacturers. China's production of diamond tools, the size of the enterprise, is the world's other any country can not be compared, will become the world's diamond tool supply base. The varieties of certain diamond tools in China also have very high quality level, and some famous brands of foreign diamond tools are also commissioned by China. However, the majority of enterprises in the production of most products are quality products, low price. Although China's exports of a number of diamond tools, most of them are low-priced products, known as the garbage". Even the quality of the product, its quality to meet or exceed the foreign similar products, because it is made in China, also can not afford the price, seriously affect the image of china. What is the cause of this situation? There are two main reasons for the induction.