Research and performance of copper based diamond saw blade matrix organization

2015/9/3 13:47:25

Copper based diamond saw blade as a result of low cost, good technology, low sintering temperature, sharp, and by the vast number of manufacturers and users of the favor. However, its poor wear resistance, short service life has been the main reason for the development of the shortcomings of the short life. In this paper, the problem of poor wear resistance and short service life of copper based diamond saw is studied in this paper.

This paper studies the effect of sintering process and composition on the mechanical properties of the matrix containing diamond. Using SEM, EDs with diamond matrix organization of observation and analysis, reveals the variation between the microstructure and mechanical properties of the matrix. Analysis of carcass composition and sintering process was optimized by orthogonal test variance. Then by adding different kinds of matrix to diamond, studied on the mechanical properties of diamond matrix. The use of SEM, EDS were observed and analyzed between diamond and matrix binding state and binding mode. In the end, the wear resistance of the copper matrix made by different kinds of diamond was measured by using the 603 granite in Fujian. Draw the following main conclusions:

Sintering of 7.7 DEG C of the mechanical properties of the matrix was significantly higher than that of C 690 carcass, insulation 9min matrix mechanical properties than insulation 3min carcass. Hardness of 8%WC containing higher than 4%WC matrix, but the matrix flexural strength and 4%WC containing equivalent. The mechanical property of matrix containing 18%Ni than with 8%Ni matrix.

Matrix consists of four elements, Cu, Sn, Fe, Ni formed grey white floc organization for strengthening phase, the organization of content is high, matrix mechanical properties of higher and higher. With the matrix mechanical properties improved, transformation matrix fracture mode from brittle fracture to ductile fracture. When WC content is 8%, the WC is in the local area. Analysis of variance of the optimization results show that the 770 DEG C /9min/8%WC/18%Ni/25%Fe/49%Cu-10Sn matrix and optimum sintering temperature and composition.

Without adding plated diamond, matrix mechanical properties decreased sharply. After adding Ti coated diamond matrix, the mechanical properties are not added plated diamond matrix is greatly improved. While adding Ti coated diamond and nanometer diamond matrix and adding of Ti coated diamond matrix compared and the mechanical properties decreased.

There are obvious gaps at the interface of uncoated diamond and the matrix, the mechanical bond between diamond and matrix. Ti coated diamond and the matrix between the combination of close, at the interface without obvious gap, energy spectrum analysis results show that it is chemical combination between Ti coated diamond and the matrix. Nano diamond by means of adsorption and matrix with nano diamond, adsorbed on the particle surface in the carcass.

Sawing results show: at the same time with the wear resistance of the Ti coated diamond and nano diamond saw blade > only containing Ti coated diamond saw blade wear > containing uncoated diamond saw blade wear of. At the same time containing nano diamond and Ti coated diamond on the market compared to similar products, the wear resistance is increased by 27%.