Attention to the use of diamond grinding wheel

2015/9/3 13:46:47

Attention to the use of diamond grinding wheel:

1 carefully check before cutting the grinding wheel to confirm whether there are deformation, crack, collapse, etc..

2 when the flange is too small or poor accuracy, easy to damage the cutting wheel, please use the improved.

3 when the cutting wheel is marked with the direction of rotation, it must be consistent with the direction of the rotation of the machine tool. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp, it is difficult to play the performance of cutting grinding wheel.

4 if you use not to be cut, cutting wheel, prone to abnormal wear, sharp is not good, abnormal heating etc..

In the process of 5.. Cutting, if found abnormal, should be stopped immediately.

6 when the cutting is not sharp, to the dressing of the grinding wheel blade. If you continue to use overheating, overload and so that grinding wheel breakage.

7 wheel rotation, the use of hand operation is prohibited to cut, but not with the hand and body contact.

8 cutting grinding wheel is forbidden to use in cutting groove or cutting off the job, avoid because of the force is not unusual.