Henan Province, a number of construction projects have been included in the Henan super hard materials and products with high technology industry chain

2015/9/3 13:42:18

May 27, 2009, according to the national development and Reform Commission website was informed: for the implementation of the high-tech industry development five eleven planning and other relevant national planning, regional characteristics, promote regional industrial development, promote the formation of mutual convergence, coordinated development of industrial clusters, accelerate regional industrial structure optimization and upgrading and transformation of economic growth mode, according to the national high-tech industrial development project management, the Chinese people's Republic of China reform and Development Commission to carry out a number of construction projects in Henan Province, agreed to the inclusion of Henan super hard materials and products, high-tech industrial chain.

At present, the construction projects of Henan super hard materials and products of high technology industry chain are included:

Engineering demonstration millimeter high grade industrial diamond 1 high-tech industries, Nanyang Zhongnan diamond Co. Ltd.

2, Henan Huanghe whirlwind Co., Ltd 600 mm bore compressor for synthesis of high-quality coarse diamond high technology industry demonstration project

3, Henan sifangda superhard materials Limited by Share Ltd high grade polycrystalline diamond drawing die of high tech industrialization demonstration project

4, Henan funik ultra high grade hard materials Co., Ltd. cubic boron nitride and the high speed cutting super hard tools in high technology industrialization demonstration project

5, Henan Province, province, the United Abrasives Co., Ltd. explosion method to synthesize nano polycrystalline diamond and related products, high-tech industrial demonstration project

6, Henan China Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. efficient, long-life diamond preferred orientation distribution model tool high technology industrialization demonstration project

7, Henan is far from a new type of composite pressure sealing medium and synthetic diamond with high tech industrial demonstration project of high tech

8, Zhengzhou Institute of abrasive and abrasive grinding of Henan Province, the super hard material industry chain public service platform construction project

9. Henan Province Engineering Laboratory of precision and super hard materials Products Research Institute of Zhengzhou

10, the Yellow River Henan industrial group Limited by Share Ltd super hard composite material technology industrialization demonstration project

Source: China diamond network